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For future bragging rights

On March 6. 2014, the day Dorian S Nakamoto was falsely outed as the creator of Bitcoin on the cover of Newsweek,

I uploaded the SHA-256 hash of a document unambiguously naming the true SN, creator of Bitcoin, to the Bitcoin blockchain.

I’ll upload the document corresponding to the SHA-256 hash:


When that person steps forward or gets named in a major publication.

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Re: The Bitfinex order book anomaly, ongoing downtime.

Could someone at bitfinex—or anyone—kindly explain:

How the observed, anomalous behaviour of the BFX orderbook could be caused by (or related) to connectivity or lag or network or datacenter issues?

Yesterday, the BFX orderbook started behaving first a little weirdly.

And then increasingly weirdly.

And then 90% of the liquidity on offer evaporated:

just some packet shaping qos stuff going on --- photo_2016-06-21_09-21-09.jpg

And then you were offline for 7 hours.

Interupted only by some brief seconds of uptime,

during which price crashed several tens of dollars.

Given this new extremely shallow orderbook-depth.

It appears like normal trade volumes (for Bitfinex).

Could suddenly move the market hundreds of dollars in either direction.

Which given the volatility of bitcoin, would soon leading to a total short-squeeze or (far more likely) a violent flash crash.

I fail to see how “Packet shaping” or “quality of service” or “equipment failure” or any of...

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Today is Sunday October 11. 2015.

We have stabilized. The bottom is in.

Here’s my prediction: The next great Bitcoin rally starts next week.



Fools judge before the evidence is in.

The Winklevoss twins Gemini exchange launched on thursday.


Without a hitch. And the first wires arrive in the coming week.

Gemini will germinate a trickle, then a stream, then a relentless inflow.

2X gains (480 USD/BTC) before New Year’s Eve.

Sentiment will change.

And when it does, it will change so hard and so fast,

you will have some trouble believing it.

The present accumulation window is closing.

Did you read last week’s The Economist? The dollar is doomed.

Gold is a barbarous relic. What are you, a conquistador?

(Hello. This is the 21st century.)

Off-shore bank accounts are off the table for the wealthy.

Bitcoin is the new numbered “swiss" bank account.


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21 – The planet-sized computer

What if, instead of simply building more computers, we use bitcoin as the economic lubricant to utilize the unused capacity in hundreds of millions of computers running on idle in homes, schools, offices and datacenters.

My first blog post, comparing 21. Inc’s first gen “bitcoin computer” to the Altair 8080—grandfather of the PC—gained unexpected attention.

I should thank @pmarca and @balajis for retweeting it.

Interested to see if they will retweet this. I suspect an unstated purpose of 21 is to build a planet-sized computer. The previous post was about baby steps, this is about endgame.


May 18 2015


On the eve of—a secretive hundred million dollar Bitcoin startup— exiting stealth mode, the degenerate traders of the Bitcoin Whaleclub teamspeak server were discussing (mostly dissing) the 21 reveal. Failing to see any significance, repeating the...

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The 21 Inc. Computer is the new Altair 8800

So, 21 Inc. finally unveiled their first product yesterday:


Oops, sorry, wrong photo!


It’s…. A $400 glorified Raspberry Pi with a shitty mining chip glued on top.

Right? Well…

The real target cost is pennies, not dollars, not hundreds of dollars, certainly not $400.

The idea is to embed the new chip in smartphones, tablets, routers, everything. (Which is why Qualcomm & Cisco are involved.)

Drop the chip, embed the design in SoC’s and we’re talking single pennies.

The “computer” is not a Bitcoin miner, it’s a platform prototype.

A devkit for future devices which would have native Bitcoin support (wallets & coin-generation) for identification (private keys), and micro-transactions.

But who needs that? We all do!

Here’s why:

Advertising is the life blood of internet companies. Partly, because we lack microtransactions. Google & Facebook & Twitter are advertising...

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